Listen Up!

Things to be excited about: I finally get to move into my house tomorrow with all my friends, which also means I get reunited with my python Monty, who has been staying with a friend while I’ve been in a temporary living situation. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about new music being released by 2 of my favorite hip-hop artists, Big K.R.I.T and Childish Gambino. Big K.R.I.T is supposedly set to release his first major label debut, Live From the Underground on June 5th, so keep your eyes peeled. He’s released a few singles already, including I Got This, which you can listen to/watch below

And if you’ve never checked him out before, you can download 2 of his previous mixtapes, 4evaNaDay and ReturnOf4Eva for FREE on his website

Then there’s Childish, who continues to release music at a blistering pace, with 4 different songs leaking in the last few days. If you somehow don’t know who Childish Gambino is (do you live under a rock?!), his real name is Donald Glover. You may say wait, I’ve heard that name before, and you would be right. Mr. Glover also happens to produce the TV show 30 Rock along with playing the role of Troy on the show Community, although he is originally of Derrick Comedy fame. How he has the time to do all that and still come up with killer lines like he does, I don’t know. Peep the tracks below, one of them even features Beck!!



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