“Home Works” by Joakim Eskildsen

Thought I’d share another photographer whose work I really enjoy and can relate to. Over the past 6 years, Joakim has lived in 5 different places across northern Europe. Most of us are lucky enough that the location of our home (whatever that means to you) is fairly consistent over the years. It must be strange to never spend very long in one place, and especially hard to connect with new people every time you move. The other side of the coin, however, is that it probably makes things very interesting. As a college student I can sort of relate, because every year so far I have lived in a different room, and even then there is the weirdness of returning to my original “home” and having it feel like vacation. Not to mention that I have always taken pictures of my home environments and the events that take place in those places.

Joakim’s photographs are insanely beautiful and soft, often looking like paintings more than photographs. Both inspiring and discouraging to look at such strong work.

Original post on Lightbox here, see Joakim’s work here

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