Food For Photographic Thought

A friend linked me to this VERY interesting article which asks: how many photos have ever been taken? The answers and the numbers behind those answers are hard to believe and make you realize how ubiquitous the digital photograph has become. A few highlights:

– In 2000, 85 billion physical photographs were produced; that’s 2,500 per second

– An estimated 2.5 billion people in the world own a digital camera

– Even more scary, 20% of all photos taken this year will end up on Facebook. That’s 70 billion photographs out of an estimated 375 billion

– Facebook currently has 140 billion photographs, over 10,000 times more than the Library of Congress

– In total, in less than 200 years humans have taken over 3.5 trillion photographs

The bottom line is that in this modern age, everything from little league baseball to the conflicts in the middle east is documented photographically, and every moment is being captured with a camera at places all over the world. Makes you think (Or at least it makes me think).


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