Environmental Preservation and Improvement

I’m currently taking a seminar class at Tufts called Environmental Preservation and Improvement taught by Professor George Ellmore. The class is unique in that we only meet once a week (albeit for 2.5 hours) and every week there are one or two student presentations on an environmental topic. As a student you present twice a semester, and when you’re not presenting you’re reading an article regarding that week’s presentation and engaging in discussion about the topic. So far I’m really enjoying the class because every week I come away with a plethora of knowledge about a new topic and the confidence to talk about it. For me, it’s a much more effective learning technique than sitting in a classroom trying to stay awake through a powerpoint lecture. To further my learning experience, I’m going to try to post a summary of as many of the topics as possible, so even if no one else reads it at least I’m able to reinforce what I’ve learned. So first up is the topic of geoengineering, which I’ll post shortly.


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