Rivers in the Streets

It is hard to keep up with this blogging thing. I have plenty of ideas to write about and I still have to catch up on my environmental improvement writings too. In any case, last weekend at about 3 am on friday night there was a crazy thunderstorm that proceeded to dump water on us with some of the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. Of course, being normal people awake at that hour, we went out into the street and ran around screaming like crazy people. Our street runs downhill, and the rain was so intense that there was a river running down our street almost a foot deep. Neil even tried to float down the waves on half a surfboard he has. The rain was absolutely deafening and we had to yell to hear each other. A couple neighbors were out on their porches watching the show (the weather, or perhaps us). A Tufts police officer showed up and started yelling at us to show him our ID’s, but I don’t know why he thought he had any authority off-campus at our house…

It was one of those nights where everything seemed to be funny/ridiculous, and there were good vibes all around. Plus I’ve always been one to enjoy storms; it’s amazing/terrifying to see what weather can do. Speaking of which, everyone is gearing up for this frankenstorm, which I keep hearing will be comparable to the “perfect storm” of 1991 and is set to rough up the east coast. I never know how to respond to these reports, because it seems to me that meteorology is usually an educated guess at best. Not that those scientists don’t do good work, only that I don’t believe we will really ever be able to predict larger weather and storm patterns with any consistency or accuracy. In any case, seems like we’re in for some weather, so buckle down and enjoy some of these photos from last weekends rain event. Perhaps I’ll even get more from this storm…


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